Welcome to VTRACK

VIRTUAL TRACKING CORPORATION (VTRACK) is a Filipino-owned firm dedicated in providing superior GPS tracking, logistics security, and fleet management services that aims to offer complete solutions to every navigation and monitoring concerns and security needs.

VTRACK upholds its commitment in giving only the best and most user-friendly service available in the market in order to provide an even safer and more secure future to the fullest satisfaction of its clients.

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Advantages of our Products & Services

VTRACK promises to work hand-in-hand with its partners to provide a tailor-made system that offers COMPLETE SOLUTIONS to any and all problems and concerns you may be having in your logistics and vehicle management operations.


Gain enhanced security and efficiency by being able to remotely monitor all your vehicles and assets' location and activities 24/7

Locate and track your vehicles anytime, anywhere with nationwide service and operations

Time-keeping functions via RFID features indicate which driver is operating the vehicle as well as how many hours the driver has been driving on the road


Accessible through any device connected to the internet with a user-friendly interface.

Monitor your vehicle’s fuel levels, consumption and efficiencies with detailed reports

Review various reports and information dating back as far as 12 months ago. Everything becomes accountable for your own performance evaluation

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Applicable Vehicles



Company Cars

Cement Mixers

Police Fleet

Taxi Agency

Rental Cars

Logistic Fleets

School Bus

Shipping Vessels

Construction Vehicles

Courier Services

Refrigerated Vans

Haulers and Trucks

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